How to Make Income Every Month with AirBnB and Get Your First Booking

AirBnB is a marketplace for travelers to book short-term rentals. The rentals extend from apartment to hotels, to homes. AirBnB connects travelers with hosts, travelers are provided a place to stay, and hosts with a way of creating an extra income stream.

In this post, you’ll learn exactly how to get your FIRST AirBnB booking, which can lead to more bookings that can eventually provide another stream of income for you.

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Before we begin…

Put yourself in the travellers mindset, what would you look for in a listing if you were staying in your city? Now that you have this mindset let's jump in!

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How to Create a High Conversion Listing That Sells

1. The Title

The title is mostly self-explanatory. It needs to be eye-catching, along with an accurate use of words that potential guests would be using.

Guests have already selected the city they’re staying in, so don’t bother including the city name. Try to include your property’s defining characteristics, such as its view. Use all of the characteristics you can in a productive manner that will drive potential guests to click on your listing.

“Times Square walking distance” included in your title would be an ideal selection of words to get clicks on your listing.

As mentioned before, this is very self-explanatory, if you were looking for a place to stay in your city, what would you search for?

2. The Description

Optimizing your listing for a booking starts with your description. Your description should of course properly detail the residence, bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities, and all the other necessities, but in a more elegant tone.

By elegant I mean instead of putting “near bars and the beach” what would be more attractive is “The perfect location, great bars and restaurants are no further than a 10 minute walk, accompanied by a short 5 minute stroll to the beautiful beach of Miami.” Of course the description needs to be tailored to your location.

In your description, make sure to employ headings and bullet points, information broken up into small, bite-sized pieces are better than information chunked together into a longer paragraph, for example:

2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment, kitchen with a microwave, oven, and appliances all included. Located on the 5th floor, lots of windows for natural lighting, medium sized living room for friends or family with cable TV.

Or use bullet points:

The Building:

- 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom medium sized apartment

- Kitchen with everything you would need, including a microwave, oven, and even appliances for your everyday needs

- Located on the 5th floor, there are lots of windows which provide natural lighting for an enhanced experience

- Along with a medium sized living room for friends and family, that also comes with cable TV for entertainment

The Bedroom:

- 1st bedroom includes 200 square feet, full sized bed, carpet floors, a closet, 2 bedside tables with lamps on each table, along with cable TV.

- 2nd bedroom includes 130 square feet, full sized bed, carpet floors, a closet, 1 bedside table with a lamp, and cable TV.

The Kitchen

- Updated kitchen
- Microwave, oven, appliances
- Stocked with snacks provided for your stay
- Pantry
- An island for preparing food, and eating.

As you can see, the more detail, provided in a way that makes it easy for a person to digest, can certainly get you your FIRST booking. When writing your description, put yourself in the potential guests’ shoes, does your description scream the perfect location? If so, you’ve done it correctly, if you’re still unsure, keep rewriting the description until you have 100% confidence in it.

3. The Pictures

High-quality pictures are the best pictures, obviously. You don’t need to go out and buy a professional camera. But here are some quick tips to get the best out of it.

Clear the clutter – Make sure the area you’re taking the pictures look mess free, clean, and clutter free obviously.

Lighting is key - Open up those curtains and let that light in. Natural lighting is best, shoot during the day to maximize your quality.

Get the goods – Got a great view? Highlight that. Great kitchen? Highlight that too, make sure the best features of your spot stand out.

Get the neighborhood – If you have a good neighbourhood with nearby treasures, such as a beach, restaurants, etcetera, make sure you get pictures of those spots to encourage a potential guest to book a bed.

4. The Pricing

Because you’re new to AirBnB and have zero reviews, you’re going to want to price your place LOWER than the competition. A general guideline for pricing is go 20% - 25% under your competitors pricing. This can be adjusted based on how much the actual cost is. You’ll be able to determine if your price is competitive based off of how soon you get your first booking. You’ll increase your pricing as you get more bookings and more reviews.

5. The Checklist

After you’ve successfully completed all phases listed above, read over your listing. Proceed to use this checklist to see if you’ve created a winning listing:

  • Does my title accurately describe my place?

  • Does my title list nearby attractions that can drive a prospective guest to book with me?

  • Would I click on this titles listing if I was looking for a place to stay in my city?

  • Does my description highlight all the features of my place?

  • Did I successfully employ the use of headings and bullet points to make the information easier to read?

  • Are my pictures high quality?

  • Did I use natural lighting to create a welcoming feeling to my home?

  • Did I get good pictures of my neighborhood (or your nearby attractions)

  • Did I price my listing competitively? Meaning did you undercut your competitors pricing?

If you’ve checked every box on the checklist above, you’re ready to list your place and get your first booking. What do you do AFTER you get a booking? Keep reading to find out.

I got my first booking, now what?

After you get your first booking comes a very crucial point, making sure you get your first 5 star rating. Before your guest arrives everything should be above perfection. House cleaned, beds made, crown moldings dusted, kitchen cleaned, in essence, you want to make it feel like a new home (even though it’s not). The guest should be impressed the minute they step in the door. You’re doing this to ensure you get a 5 star review, which is crucial to get more bookings in the future. After you get that first review, more bookings should start to flow in, essentially creating a snowball effect.

Before we finish this post, I’m going to provide you with a handful of tips to achieve more bookings.

How to Get More Bookings


1. Your Response Rate

Your response rate is how fast you respond you reply to inquiries and requests. This affects your search listing, meaning how high or low you rank in the Airbnb search engine.

The faster the response time, the better. To keep it simple, responding within an hour is the most ideal response rate. Responding after 24 hours counts as a late response which hurts your response rate, in turn injuring your listings position in the Airbnb search engine.

Moral of the story, respond fast so your listings position in the search results ranks higher.

2. Your Response Time

Airbnb defines your response time as “the average amount of time it took you to respond to all the new messages in the past 30 days”. That easily explains it. Just maintain a fast response time and your listings search result ranking will correlate with it.

3. Create Multiple Positive Reviews

We talked about reviews briefly in the earlier sections of this post, but we’re going to touch more on it right now. Quality is everything with guests, so provide the guests a high quality stay. Reviews impact your search performance, so having a multitude of good ones is obviously crucial to get guests to book with you.

It’s a simple equation, not rocket science.

- Guests + High Quality Stays = 5 star reviews
- 5 star reviews = More Bookings
- More Bookings = Income

Again, this is very easy to understand, it’s all about creating those 5 star reviews with your guests to get more bookings.

Once your guest leaves you can send them a thank you message and ask for a 5 star review if everything was perfect! Most of the time they will be happy to do so if you simply ask.

Final Thoughts

You’ve just learned how to professionally list your home on Airbnb to create bookings and generate an extra stream of income. I encourage you to go, create your listing, and while you’re creating your listing, refer back to this post through every phase of the process, from title, to pricing, and then read this post again, and go through your listing again. This is to ensure you have a listing that will get guests to book, and get money into your pocket!

If you’d like to read more on this topic, make sure to check out our other posts to learn of more ways to generate extra income online.

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