5 Ways to Learn Entrepreneurship for Free


Launching your own business or freelance career requires more than a self-motivated work ethic. With all the different roles you will have to play to make life-changing money, the willingness to learn whatever it takes is the most important ingredient to your success. There really are no shortcuts. 

College degrees, expensive training courses, and subscription membership communities can help, but there are also a huge number of 100% free learning resources for the newly self-employed or startup business owners. All you need is the internet and some guidance.

Here are my favorite ways to learn things online quickly:

1. Free Ebooks

Ebooks are everywhere and, with the rise of the self-publishing industry, more numerous than ever before. I think they are a very underrated tool because the authors typically include very specific advice compacted in a few pages.

Type "free ebook" and pair the phrase with your current topic of interest to get started. For example, type "free instagram ebook" into google. This specific search turns up over 3 million results!

Also, you can filter your search for ebooks from the past year instead of all time to get the most up-to-date information.

Ebooks are a great way to learn specific strategies about an industry very quickly. Download a bunch, save them, print them and learn on the go. 

2. Two Free Audiobooks

When you sign up for free on Audible.com, you get two audiobooks of your choice without having to pay one penny.

This site is a treasure trove of information and entertainment if you want to keep your subscription. However, as long as you close the account within 30 days, there is no charge ever. This is my favorite offer for entrepreneurs.

Sign up for Audible here

3. Always Available Audiobooks on YouTube

With the right searches, you can find tons of entrepreneurial audiobooks on YouTube. They are perfect for listening to in the car or when you are offline. For example, you can find the full Think & Grow Rich Book on YouTube. 

It takes some searching but start with phrases like "full audiobook", "business audiobook", play around with searches and see what you discover.

Then use a YouTube to MP3 converter such as Flvto.biz to get the audio onto your phone. I'm not sure how the copyrights work but people are uploading books anyway so just beware! Here are some of the titles that I found myself: 


4. Social Media Business Groups

On Facebook and Telegram, you can easily find business groups or pages to join or follow.

Instead of static information in ebooks or audiobooks, these groups let you ask specific questions and learn directly from people who are in your industry. Some benefits are:

  • Networking

  • Posting your own questions

  • Join discussions

  • See other peoples questions

  • Learn quickly

Whether you search for specific groups like Instagram or just general entrepreneurship, these groups are a resource you must use and are absolutely free!

5. Free to Listen Podcasts

Another way to get vital information to new business success is by listening to podcasts from experts in your field. This type of thing lets you learn on the go with ease since you can stop and start the podcast as necessary, and save them for review in the future.

You can find podcasts on any topic from specific industries like Shopify Dropshipping to just general entrepreneurship.Here are some podcasts where I always get good info :

  • The Tim Ferris Show

  • The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

  • The Tony Robbins Podcast

  • The GaryVee Audio Experience

  • Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind by Tai Lopez

Final Thoughts

When you stop learning, you stop succeeding. Entrepreneurs must continually update their knowledge base and experience in order to make a mark in whatever industry or niche you choose. With the amazing accessibility of free resources on the internet, you have no excuses. Grab an ebook or download a podcast and fill your mind with the tools needed to succeed.

Do you learn a lot from someone or some place we didn't mention? Comment below and let's start a discussion!