Crypto for Beginners - Advice on Getting Started

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Bitcoin and crypto have become a global phenomenon. However, most people still don’t understand the basic concepts of cryptocurrency. Luckily, it's actually easy (and fun) to learn if you know where to go.

I made this list so you can quickly find awesome information and tools to start learning about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the easiest way possible. Some is free, some is paid, all of it is very educational. Here it is in descending order:

8. Checkout Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the world's most famous cryptocurrency experts. This video comes from one of his appearences on Joe Rogan's podcast however any of his interviews on YouTube contain a wealth of knowledge. For a highly interesting and educating time I recommend downloading all of his Joe Rogan appearances:

Furthermore, Andreas is the author of The Internet of Money which is the perfect introduction to crypto. 

You will learn what blockchain is, how blockchain can be used to transform the world and why this will be a trillion dollar industry! Andreas makes complex subjects like crypto and blockchain super easy to understand. His books, The Internet of Money and The Internet of Money Volume 2 will make you feel like a crypto expert after you read them. I highly recommend reading or listening to both of them.

Get both books with a free audible 30 day trial!

7. Crypto Investment Course by Suppoman

“Suppoman “is a teacher on Udemy who has taught over 300,000 students! He has a few free sample videos to learn bitcoin and cryptocurrencies you should watch. I recommend watching them now! The sample videos are part of a larger course which I bought and it will show you the quickest and easiest way to get into cryptocurrency Investing. His course covers things like how to invest in game changing cryptocurrencies, how to buy bitcoin and altcoins, a formula for making good investments and much more. Purchasing this course has been one of the best investments I’ve made so far. I recommend taking a look and watching the free sample videos.

6. Tai Lopez’s Podcast

Tai Lopez has the Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind free podcast. He explores the world of cryptocurrencies with experts in the industry. It is truly a treasure trove of information. I recommend to start at episode one and be ready to take notes. The podcast is on Youtube, Spotify, Apple, and every major platform and is worthwhile because you learn from some of the best experts in the industry.

5. How To Buy Bitcoin and Altcoins

To buy crypto, you need to sign up for an exchange. Usually, you need to sign up for at least two exchanges: One that offers lots of cryptocurrencies and one to deposit your money for as little fees as possible.

There are many exchanges but when browsing you should look for one that has the lowest fees, is safe, is user friendly and offers lots of coins you can trade. We’ve broken this down in two steps:

  1. Make a free account with Binance because they let you trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies in any country.

  2. After you sign up with Binance, check if there is an exchange that has lower fees for depositing your cash. If Binance is the cheapest option for you, then you don’t need to sign up for anything else. Browse the options below or on google depending what country you’re in:

  • Binance - 3.5% fee for credit card deposits. They are available globally and offer the most cryptocurrencies for trading. Everyone should sign up with Binance so you can buy/trade any cryptocurrency.

  • Coinbase - 1.5% to 4% fees depending on your country. Coinbase is the most popular exchange and is in 30+ countries. Their platform is the easiest to use out of anyone but take a look at the fees for your specific country. If you use our link you will get $10 free when you deposit $100.

  • Abra - FREE to 4% fees. Must have US or PH bank account for Free deposits. Abra lets you trade 30+ cryptocurrencies. Use our link to get $25 free when you deposit your first $5 USD. You can also read this post for more info about Abra.

  • Coinsquare - FREE to 10% fees. For Canadian’s, Coinsquare e-transfer deposit is the best option. They have the lowest fees I know of and their platform is very easy to use.

You need to sign up with an exchange so you can buy cryptocurrency but you should not use them to hold your cryptocurrency because they get hacked all the time. The secure way to store your investments is with a wallet which you’ll read about in step 4.

4. Learn How To Store Your Crypto Safely

Although you can buy crypto on Binance, Coinbase and the options listed above, you do not want to hold your coins in there long term. The reason for that is exchanges get hacked all the time and the only way to truly keep your crypto safe is by having your own wallet.

I store my crypto on the Trezor Model T and keep a small amount in the exchanges at any given time. The Trezor Model T stores your crypto offline and is the most secure way to hold your investment. But, if you don’t want to spend $200 there are many free options and wallets that will work as well.

There are many different kinds of wallets, some are online and some are offline. It is important to learn the proper security measures so you don’t get hacked or lose your investments. Watch this video below to learn what is right for you:

3. Crypto Pages On Instagram

There are lots of “edutaining” instagram accounts that share stuff about crypto. I recommend following all of them so you can learn as much as possible. I recommend:

  • @coinmentor

  • @sharecrypto

  • @altcoindaily

  • And our page @thecryptodegree

These pages are so helpful and you will learn new stuff every day.

2. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is the #1 place to track various coins. You can check prices, market caps, 24hr volume, track certain coins and much more info. You’ll be using the CoinMarketCap website and app a lot as you get more involved into crypto.

1. NowFuture’s Crpypto Highlight On IG

I shared a lot of helpful content in my crypto highlight on instagram. It covers a broad range of information that will help you understand the why and the what behind crypto. I will also be trying to add more to this list over time. DM me on @NowFuture if you have anything I should share!

Next Steps:

Despite the popularity, most people still have no idea what cryptocurrency is or how it works. Hopefully these tools help you as much as they’ve helped me. Your next steps are to use these tools and educate yourself as much as you can before you make any investments.

Let me know if you have any questions at all, just DM me on instagram or leave a comment below!

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*Disclaimer: Don’t listen to a random guy on the internet or you could and probably will lose all your money. This is not investment advice. This is for informational purposes only.*