This page is a list of awesome tools that I use myself and/or I know are valuable. Here you can quickly find great products and services to use for your business or personal development.

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Airbnb is one of the fastest ways to make some real money. If you have an extra bedroom or can convert space into a bedroom you can list it on Airbnb and start making semi-passive income. Click here to see how much you can earn as an Airbnb host in your city. If you just want to travel on Airbnb, I have a $50 Airbnb coupon here.


Instacart is an online delivery service where you can get paid to shop for people's groceries. This hustle pays up to $25 per hour and you don't need a vehicle or anything special to apply. Read How to Get Paid to Shop With InstaCart


Ebates gives you FREE money for shopping online. Ebates will give you 3% to 40% cash back from big websites like Amazon, Walmart, Nike and many more. It’s free to use and is perfect if you shop online because you’ll get free money for stuff you’re going to buy anyways. Read how to Shop Online and Earn Cash Back with Ebates. You also get $10 when you spend your first $25.

Complete Surveys

You can make $100-$300/month by answering surveys. There are many legitimate companies that will pay you and you can start earning right now with no special skills. Some companies I recommend are Survey Club, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, American Consumer Opinion, Prize Rebel, and Earnably. I recommend signing up for all them so you can make the most money. They’re free to join and easy to sign up!



1Password helps simplify your online life by automatically filling, storing and securing passwords, personal data and credit cards. My favourite feature is it automatically fills in your username and password when you login to accounts. Forgetting passwords and struggling to login to websites is a waste of time and a thing of the past with 1Password.

Sked Social

Handling all of your social media posts manually can get overwhelming and take too much time out of your day. That's why I use a content scheduler like Sked Social to schedule content and have them posted automatically. It leaves me more time to engage with followers, respond to DMs and create better content. If you're posting daily on instagram or facebook this is a must.


Outsourcing work makes more sense as your business grows. I use talented freelancers at for many projects where projects start at just $5. Besides saving me a lot of time, many people there have skills that I do not such as editing videos, in-depth keyword research and article writing.


If you can't find what you need on Fiverr, then Upwork is another great place with a huge number of skilled professionals. Overall, I find that Upwork is more appropriate for larger and longer projects compared to Fiverr. That’s why I like to use it for app development and bigger projects.



Audible is an app for audiobooks. I used to listen to music when I drive but I switched to audiobooks as an experiment. Since then I’ve been doing 1 book a week on average. I realized how productive my time can be while driving. Now, I love being in my car and going places because I’m always learning something new. If you make an account with Audible they will give you 2 free audiobooks.

NowFuture YouTube

I don’t make YouTube videos but I spend a lot of time learning things about business and marketing so I made this playlist to save my favorite entrepreneurial videos. It gets weekly updates so if you watch it you'll be learning the same things I do. Subscribe on my YouTube page here

Make a Learning Dedicated Youtube Account

This is one of my favorite hacks. If you want to really learn business on your own then do this:

Make a 2nd Gmail account so you have a YouTube account dedicated for all your entrepreneurial, professional, and motivational education. By having a 2nd account you easily separate your entertainment videos from educational videos. Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to and click the dropdown menu on the top right

  2. Click switch accounts

  3. Click Add an account

  4. Type in a 2nd or backup email account

  5. Now subscribe to only learning, motivational and educational channels

Not only will you keep your business playlists and subscriptions in one place, YouTube will only recommend other videos with similar subjects. You can laser focus your learning time on just the subjects that matter to you with no distractions. Make sure you only use the 2nd account for these topics.


The skills you learn directly influence your ability to succeed. One of my favorite places to learn specific skills has been Udemy. Udemy hosts thousands of different courses, both free and premium, that can help you learn everything from networking skills to software programming. I've taken classes in ASO, App marketing, Instagram, list-building, and many more. If you want to set aside time to improve existing skills or gain new ones then Udemy is the place to go to get high quality courses. Sign up for Udemy here.

Recommended Books 

My favorite books that I have read and found valuable are all compiled for free in this list. Check it out if you need new reading material 📚

“Life Changing Books” based on hundreds of submissions

“Life Changing Books” based on hundreds of submissions



Whether you travel for business or pleasure I suggest finding a place to stay with AirBnB instead of going for more expensive hotels. AirBnB is also a good alternative if you want to travel "off the beaten path". When I went to Australia for three months, one host gave me bus passes and some great information about Melbourne which helped me enjoy the trip even more. You can't get that kind of service from hotels. If you want to try AirBnB sign up with my link to get a discount on your first trip!

Google Stock Images Filter

LINK: Google Stock Images 📸

Do you use a lot of stock photos? Bookmark the above link and use it every time you need a stock photo for any type of project. You can find free images on sites like Pexels and Pixabay but this search filter shows them all at the same time, which makes finding exactly what you want easier, faster, and more convenient.

Use this Google filter to search every free stock photo across the web

Use this Google filter to search every free stock photo across the web

"Empty Your Brain"

I believe being organized plays a huge part in being successful. One of the best organization tips I've ever got was from the book, "The Productivity Project" by Chris Bailey. 

The author explains that writing everything down is a powerful way to free up mental space and get organized. "Emptying your brain" will not only reduce stress and help you focus, it also motivates you to action.

To "empty your brain" you must write down ALL the thoughts in your head onto paper or on your phone. You'll be amazed how many goals, tasks, projects and commitments you're keeping up there and how clear your head will feel once you write it down all in one place. Your brain is much better at focusing when you have a clear mind.

The more things you get out of your mind and written down, the more brain power you have left for day-to-day focus and inspiration. Start taking notes on to-do lists, grocery lists, appointments, new ideas, things to research and anything else your mind is working on. And, as long as you don't misplace your lists, you will never forget anything and your brain will thank you for it.

Free eBooks

I think eBooks are a super underrated tool for entrepreneurs to learn things quickly. Quality ebooks organize information in easy-to-understand formats, which makes learning more natural. They exist for any topic you can think of and are written by the top marketers and business creators in any industry. Ebooks give in-depth insider views of how things should work and what you should do to find the same level of success.

No matter what topic you want to learn more about, all you have to do is google "free ebook" and the topic itself, and you will find a wealth of information like the example below:


Once you do your search download whatever looks good then print them out or save them to your phone. It's a great way to always have reading material and often times you'll get better information than actual books on your industry.


Meetup App

For networking, information, and socializing in your region and on business trips, nothing beats the Meetup app or website. You can find a wide assortment of events and groups to join in any part of the country. If you want to stop by a business presentation, take a seminar about marketing, or even join a book club download the Meetup app.

Standing Desk

Most entrepreneurs who work from a home computer spend a lot of time sitting, which is not very healthy in the long run. To solve this, I picked up this standing desk on Amazon to use a few times every week. It is small enough to hide under my desk when not in use. The best part is this model is really good on your wallet compared to other standing desks on the market. Click here to see more.

Tab Notes Free (Mac App)

Take notes very quickly with this app

Take notes very quickly with this app

While you can take notes on a pad of paper or your phone, the Tab Notes app lets you stick them right on your computer screen. It is both faster and more convenient than searching for pieces of paper when you need to keep something in mind. Just one click and you have access to lists, fonts, your schedule, new ideas, and links to check out. It allows you to create multiple tabs and move them wherever is convenient on your screen. I use it everyday.

Final Thoughts

👉Have any tools of your own? Leave a comment below!